UniForm Series™

UniForm Series™

In addition to the standard products, YSM produces some unique steels that are often the only solution for difficult applications.
Magnetic Appeal
UniForm 100™ provides enhanced magnetic properties without the need for costly decarburization anneals after forming.
Strength Plus Formability
When you require the perfect balance of ductility for difficult forming and high strength in the finished part - inquire about UniForm 800™.

UniForm 100™

Ultra-low carbon steel intended for DC magnetic applications as well as for use as magnetic shielding in CRT and televisions.


UniForm 200™

Stabilized, ultra-low carbon steel produced with superior drawability, measured by high "r-values" and low hardness and yield strength.


UniForm 300™

A continuously annealed, or normalized, low carbon steel with exceptional properties. This steel can be made in a non-scalloping condition if freedom from earing is important.


UniForm 500™

A very low hardness variation of standard, high carbon grades, such as 1050 and 1074. Rockwell B hardness of 68 to 70 is possible in 1050 steel, with superior formability. Tensile properties can approach that of low carbon steel.

UniForm 800™

A variety of customized, HSLA-based, high strength products. Includes annealed grades 50 to 70, as well as 80,000 psi minimum yield strength CR product.


HS Series™

HS125, HS150 and HS170. These are produced to standard, minimum yield strength levels of 125,000 psi, 150,000 psi and 170,000 psi, respectively. Advantages of these new products are as follows:

*At 170,000 minimum yield, this is equivalent to heat treated 1050 @ Rc 40 min. Replacing high carbon steels and heat treatment costs are often possible, with elimination of distorted parts and costly sorting.

*Steel is produced with strip steel tolerances, very uniform in gauge.

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